Imperial Collection Gold Vodka

The production process of IMPERIAL COLLECTION GOLD includes 12 stages of purification using a multi-step filtration system (coal and sand filters), with special GOLDEN MEMBRANE FILTERS being used at the final stage.

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Imperial Collection Golden Snow Vodka

Vodka Imperial Golden Snow is a new masterpiece of the Imperial Collection. The 23-carat gold leaf flakes resemble Real Russian Winter - fascinating and unique in its beauty phenomenon.

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Czar's Original Vodka

CZAR`S Vodka is distilled according to a recipe that goes back to the era of Peter the Great. This permium class vodka is 4 times distilled and includes additional filtration through silver-impregnated active charcoal filters.

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Imperial Palace Gift Box Vodka

An exclusive super premium vodka distilled with honey and infused with bird cherries and raspberry leaves according to a unique recipe that was considered irretrievably lost for ages, but has been recently discovered in the archives of the Tsarskoe Selo museum.

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Imperial Collection Faberge Egg Vodka

This unique work of art is in style of Carl Faberge works. The surface of the egg is covered with natural gold and special enamel which protects the surface providing exclusive elegance and style.

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Tasting and Production Notes

Imperial Gold Vodka

1Specifically developed for this brand, additional filtration with golden membrane filters “Golden Silk” being used at the final stage. The unique method of filtration gives the drink a smooth texture and refined taste.


Golden Snow Vodka

2Gold leaf flakes enriching vodka taste magically play and sparkle in a glass what makes it look especially elegant.
Food additive “23-carat gold leaf flakes”. Filtration system includes up to 12 stages of purification.


Czar’s Original Vodka

3Additional filtration with silver-impregnated active charcoal filters at the final stage help to achieve neutrality and character. Made from 100% Wheat. Aroma – smooth; Taste – pure, soft, with a short honey aftertaste


Imperial Palace Vodka

4Finest rectified ethyl spirit “Lux” is used for our premium brands after going through a process of continuous 5-steps distillation. It is made from natural ingredients only, due to the strict quality European Union standards


Faberge Egg Vodka

5Additional filtration with silver-impregnated active charcoal filters at the final stage help to achieve crystal purity. No special additives and only natural ingredients are used in producing this pure vodka. Super Premium Vodka!