Czar’s Original Vodka


Product Highlights

  • Additional filtration with silver-impregnated active charcoal
  • Contains ultra-pure and soft waters of  glacial origin lake “Ladoga”
  • 12 stages purification system using a multistep filtration
  • Finest rectified  ethyl spirit “Lux” is used in production
  • Singnature St. Petersburg style bottle decorations
  • Official vodka of the World Summit in Russia



CZAR’S Vodka opened our CZAR’S “Royal” collection of premium vodkas dedicated to the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg.

CZAR’S superb quality and taste allowed it to win a highly challenging tasting competition to represent Russia during the May 2003 official celebrations of the 3000th anniversary of St. Petersburg, the formaer capital of the Russian Empire, attended by the President of Russia. CZAR’S was also chosen as the official vodka of the World Summit and other high-profile international events at the Konstantinovsky Palace near St. Petersburg in May and early June 2003.

In May 2005, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered CZAR’S Vodka to his guests: heads of state who came to Moscow to celebrate 60th anniversary of Russia’s victory in WWII on May 9.

CZAR”S Vodka is distilled according to a recipe that goes back to the era of Peter the Great. CZAR’S Premium is made at Ladoga’s “gift” production line in St. petersburg from premium hard-wheat alcohol and soft Lake Ladoga water. A lime tree flower infusion and lime tree honey are added for flavor.

Before it is bottled, CZAR’S Vodka is allowed to settle for a while to develop a more mellow taste. tsars never hurry!


CZAR’S Premium bottle is adorned with old engraving, showing Peter the Great’s portrait by Karl Moore (1717) and early views of St. Petersburg. The bottle is creatively designed in the signature St. Petersburg style.