Imperial Collection Golden Snow Vodka


Product Highlights

  • Contains 23-carat gold leaf flakes which resemble falling snow
  • Contains ultra-pure and soft waters of  glacial origin lake “Ladoga”
  • 12 stages purification system using a multistep filtration
  • Finest rectified  ethyl spirit “Lux” is used in production
  • Bottle is made from special pharmacy glass
  • Bottle is decorated with 99.9% pure gold



The IMPERIAL GOLDEN SNOW name did not arise accidentally, real Russian winter is a fascinating and unique in its beauty phenomenon.  Chrismas and New year tours are very popular amongst foreign tourists, where fluffy, gently falling snow is incomparably fascinating spectacle.

This beautiful phenomenon has formed the creative concept for making the IMPERIAL GOLDEN SNOW vodka. The fact is that in a bottle with a drink are added gold leaf flakes. If you tkae the bottle, shake it thoroughly and put it down, then flown apart in tank flakes will gradually settle to the bottom, creating a fascinating visual effect of quietly falling snow.


Drinking corrected water

Rectified ethyl spirit “Lux”

A food additive “23-carat gold leaf flakes”


The idea behind creation of this magnificent vodka came after many years of success of IMPERIAL GOLD vodka among foreign consumers. They wanted to have its own particular Imperial vodka. Thus was born the new exclusive product – vodka IMPERIAL GOLDEN SNOW, which “Ladoga” bottles specifically for abroad delivery in strictly limited quantities. That’s why its original name is given in English transcription.


The bottle of IMPERIAL COLDEN SNOW vodka is made from transparent medical glass and is absolutely identical to that produced for vodka Imperial Gold.

On its front side lays an oval medallion with a portrait of Russian Emperor Peter The Great (“In Armor”) by the Dutch painter Karl Moore (1717). Below the portrait is placed the two-headed eagle, the state symbol of Russia.

On the back of the bottle are placed four lines from A. Pushkin’s poem “Bronze Horseman” and the image of Peter and Paul Fortress with antique engravings.

24-carat gold is used for decoration of the bottle.

Vodka IMPERIAL GOLDEN SNOW is bottled only in a 0.7L bottles.